After breaking the glass ceiling as an African-American man to rise up and be an award-winning top physician, Dr. Young shows his audiences how to overcome their fears, achieve success against all odds, communicate effectively across cultures and prevent burnout. Delivered with great wisdom, fire and heart, audiences always walk away with an amazing blend of inspiration and practical strategies to rise up.

Presentations are customized to be either keynotes, breakouts or training sessions and are tailored to each audience.

Signature Presentations

Prevent Physician Burnout: Recognizing the warning signs before it comes too late

Are you seeing the signs of talking down to yourself, your staff or even worse, your patients? Have you started to lose your passion for the field that you once gave your heart and soul to? You will discover the thoughts that you have and the actions that you take which are warning signs that trigger you towards taking the corrective steps to avoid burning out completely.

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Real Solutions to Creating Diversity & Inclusions in the Workplace: Stop Talking About It, Start Implementing It

Many people talk about diversity in the workplace but how often are the lessons sticking and real change is actually happening? Dr. Young will teach you what are some of the challenges to diversity in the workplace and the steps to overcome them.

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Communicating with African-American’s: Understand the Cultural Nuances to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Conversations with colleagues that are different than you can often be awkward. Cultural differences in language, beliefs and expression cause misunderstandings and tension in the workplace. Learning effective means of communication will build stronger connections and enhance inclusion within your team and company

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Breaking through African American Cultural Norms: Mindset and Health Habits to Defy the Odds

Mentally and physically, African-American men and women are at significantly higher risk of poor medical health. Obesity, diabetes and cancer are but a fraction of the problems caused by the disparity in the medical care. Curbing these issues earlier will be achieved with the right communication.

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African American's Achieving Greatness: How to Overcome Obstacles and Develop Unstoppable Mindset

Not having the right mental toughness can hinder your desired goals and aspirations. Without it, the simplest obstacles can be crippling and set you off your path for success. As you optimize your mindset, you put yourself on a pathway for achieving the outcomes that you desire and deserve.

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The Rise of the African American Man and Woman: How to Develop an Unstoppable Mindset and Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Not having the right mental toughness can hinder even the best plans for your business aspirations. And as an African-American, learning how to have discussions regarding race and the unique challenges you face, hinder the rise to the top. Learning how to optimize your mindset is the greatest capital that you will possess. The mantra that you have heard is that you need to work twice as hard as your counterparts in order to even scratch the surface of playing on their level. Sometime this is simply not enough. Hard work is good. Smart work is optimal.

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Meet Dr. Young

Dr. Terence Young is the CEO of Young Phoenix Enterprises LLC, an elite level physician, entrepreneur and 3-time best-selling author.  He has been recognized for his leadership within his own practice of 120 physicians as Physician of the Year and has appeared in the Huffington Post.

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Dr. Young has positioned himself to become an authority on overcoming fears and obstacles and optimizing one’s mindset to achieve success.  Through his bestselling book, Foundation Focus Freedom, he teaches the steps for developing the internal and external communication, essential for pushing one past the challenges that hold them back from their goals.

With over 23 years as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Young has performed thousands of surgeries and deliveries in highly stressful situations.  Utilizing techniques to think efficiently and effectively, he shows clients where their mental blocks are, how it affects their performance, and how to overcome them to achieve their desired results.

His training and leadership coaching positions through elite personal development programs, including Klemmer and Associates and Human Communication Institute have enhanced his ability to lead others and successfully achieve the goals that they desire.  Utilizing his ability to think rapidly and take action, he has helped clients to achieve their desired goals and outcomes, minimizing time and maximizing results.

Be prepared for an electric experience when Dr. Young takes the stage!  With an unstoppable attitude for success, his stage presence and confidence will inspire and enlighten the audience to look at their life in a new light.  He uses his stories of overcoming his personal challenges in life to show them that anything is possible with the right mindset!

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High Energy Presentations to Engage Your Audience

"Terence has a unique way of making a deeper connection with his audience and really speaking to what they need to hear to inspire them to uplevel their life. -

Cindy Ashton, CEO Minerva Enterprises, LLC

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