Communicating with African-American’s: Understand the Cultural Nuances to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

December 21, 2019

Conversations with colleagues that are different than you can often be awkward. Cultural differences in language, beliefs and expression cause misunderstandings and tension in the workplace. Learning effective means of communication will build stronger connections and enhance inclusion within your team and company

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The solution to overcoming the forward momentum in diversity and inclusion starts with communication.  However, it goes beyond just talking about the subject.  Participants need to listen to and understand each other’s cultural perspective.  Open the lines of communication, making your work environment more efficient, impactful and fun

You will develop effective communication strategies that encourage open and honest communication, decreasing the resistance to talking and fostering long lasting conversations and subsequent action.

In this eye-opening talk, you will:

  • Understand the “intention” of the speaker, the “impact” that it has upon the listener and the “actions” necessary by both parties to make the difficult conversations easier 
  • Discover 3 key components missing from effective communication
  • Learn language patterns, both from the standpoint of the speaker and listener, that will help lower resistance and foster continued communication
  • Apply your newly developed communication skills to begin or continue the process of transforming your organization’s culture

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