Breaking through African American Cultural Norms: Mindset and Health Habits to Defy the Odds

December 21, 2019

Mentally and physically, African-American men and women are at significantly higher risk of poor medical health.  Obesity, diabetes and cancer are but a fraction of the problems caused by the disparity in the medical care.  Curbing these issues earlier will be achieved with the right communication.

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To begin the process of reversing this trend, it must be approached from multiple directions.  In this presentation, health care providers will become more aware of African American cultural norms that are a barrier to optimizing their care.  

You will walk away with the strategies for busting their limiting beliefs engrained from our ancestors and overcoming the cultural restraints which prevent optimal medical care for the African American patient.

In this enlightening presentation, you will:

  • Learn the 4 main categories that contribute to the cultural barriers and understand how each one functions
  • Gain more insight into the social structure of the African-American community, on a micro and macro level, and using it to your advantage to optimize care.
  • Learn effective communication, both from the standpoint of the provider and the patient, which helps clarify the patient’s problem and optimizes the provider’s level of care.
  • Understand how to build rapid trust and rapport, facilitating effective communication
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