Prevent Physician Burnout: Recognizing the warning signs before it comes too late

December 21, 2019

Are you seeing the signs of talking down to yourself, your staff or even worse, your patients?

Have you started to lose your passion for the field that you once gave your heart and soul to?

You will discover the thoughts that you have and the actions that you take which are warning signs that trigger you towards taking the corrective steps to avoid burning out completely.

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With the rising percentage of physicians who are reporting burnout and depression, it’s time to take a stand and have health care providers diagnose their issues, effectively and expeditiously, before burnout takes place.  Small shifts with your actions and thoughts will make all the difference, enhancing your office, personal interactions and most importantly, yourself.

In this powerful talk, you will discover:

  • How to define burnout, recognize its differences from stress and diagnose yourself
  • The 5 fears that trigger physician burnout and how to start overcoming them
  • How to engage in effective communication with yourself and find that passion for medicine again
  • Steps towards achieving victory as you minimize your negative triggers and maximize your passions, in and out of the workplace
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