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January 31, 2018

When should you seek life coaching?


Life coaching is similar to coaching that one might receive while playing football on the field. What differentiates life coaching from football coaching or any other type is that it serves a different purpose in one’s life. A life coach has an extended job description where he/ she unlocks one’s potential to achieve something in life. Life coaching helps motivate one to explore one’s inner self, overcome the ‘limiting beliefs’ and strategize an action plan to achieve the intended goal or objective in life. Obviously, hiring a life coach to assist you through your tough time will consume both time and money. So, why would you seek life coaching and spend a few extra bucks on hiring a life coach?  Here are a few situations where life coaching will come in handy:



1.     Dealing with stress

With stress comes a lot many health problems, especially if you are young. It is, therefore, recommended that you seek life coaching to learn stress relief and stress management. In order to ensure a healthy lifestyle and lower stress levels, life coaching is all you need.

2.     Lacking self-confidence

If you are facing low self-esteem issues in life, you must consult a life coach immediately to boost your self-confidence and feel secure in your skin. Life coaching will help you with learning the art of self-praise and appreciation to create a healthy self-image.

3.     Confused about career choices

It is common amongst young fresh out-of-university graduates to feel confused regarding the suitable career choice for themselves. However, this fluster must not limit you from actualizing your dreams and career goals. Allow life coaching to help you figure out the right career for yourself and make the most of it.

4.     Starting own business

Fear of failure while starting one’s own business can bog down even the bravest of individuals. Given the various political and social turmoil, a successful business venture may seem an impossible thing to many. However, in situations like these, life coaching can assist you in discovering the entrepreneur in you and aid with pursuing your dream of a successful start-up.

5.     Lacking leadership skills

Life coaching becomes essential for those looking to build strong leadership skills in order to be promoted to an executive level position. Performance coaching can help with unleashing one’s inborn leadership traits and qualities.

6.     Struggling with family life

Sometimes maintaining harmonious family terms becomes a challenge for many of us. Life coaching strategies will enable one to cope with these array of challenges to achieve a better work-life balance and strengthen relationships.

7.     Seeking relationship advice

For all those hopeless romantics out there, perfect relationships are no piece of cake. It takes more than pretty red roses and chocolates to find your perfect soul mate. Life coaching ensures that you achieve proven solutions for attracting that right one.

8.     Fear of public speaking

Not everyone is born with an innate ability to communicate with confidence. Public speaking takes confidence as well as enough motivation to face people while talking your heart out. Life coaching can help you enhance this confidence and subside your stage fright issues. 


In addition to the aforementioned situations, there are a plethora of issues that may be sorted with the help of life coaching. For instance, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to buy a new car or to seek motivation to lose weight can be a few issues that may be dealt with using life coaching services.  

Obviously, you can see there are many benefits to coaching!  As you have read this article today and listened to all the benefits, I’m sure you have the feeling that this is something that you wish to pursue further.  Take the next step today and reach out to me at and we can schedule a consultation call and see how I can help move your life forward with coaching.


Until next time!


Terence Young, MD


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