What are 3 excuses that can hold you back from your success?

March 12, 2019

Today we're going to talk about the three excuses that  hold people back from achieving the goals and outcomes that they desire in  life.


Once you learn to overcome and better master them, you're  going to find that you will develop the tools and resources that are going to  make you much more efficient.  And once  you get to that point, you will achieve the outcome that you desire in life.  That outcome may be spiritual, financial, financial or it may be emotional.  The key is to focus on the process that  sets you up for achieving it and the first step is to eliminate the excuses.


The first excuse is not having an  understanding of yourself.


You have to have a powerful why, a powerful answer, to  the question why you want to achieve what you do.


For example, some questions you ask yourself may be:


“Why do you want to lose weight?”


“Why do you want to get more finances in your life?”


“Why do you want to have a better relationship with your  spouse?”


Let’s take the example “why do you want to have better  finances in your life?”  You may have  an answer such as, "I want more finances because I want to be more  comfortable in my life."


Now that's a nice answer, but it's really superficial.  Suppose you had a deeper answer such as "I want more money because I  don't want my children to go through the financial struggles that I had  growing up." That's going to resonate with you more and be a more  powerful answer to your why. When you create a deeper answer to your  question, it's going set you up for getting more success and move you forward  rapidly towards the outcome that you desire.


The second thing is making the  excuse of not having enough money to do what you want to.


People just fail to think on a deep enough level.


They may say:


"Well, I don't have the money in my bank account  right now."


"This is way too expensive to be able to get this  project off the ground."


"I just don't have the finances to take what I want  to do to the next level."


The problem is that people just quit too soon.


You may think that there's only one, or two different  ways that you can get the finances that you want.  Learn to be more creative and think on a  deeper level.  If you can't get  traditional financing, for example, through the banks to start up your business,  who else can you look to?

Perhaps, you could look at asking family members for startup  funds.  


You may look into the option of getting small business  grants.


Learn to think outside of the box.  


Looking around your home, are there things that you  could potentially sell on eBay or at a garage sale?


Or, you could look at other options such as an angel  investor.  Is there a person that  invests in startups that would invest in you?


Just think deeper  and don't think superficial when you want to have the finances that you want.


The third thing is making that  excuse of “I don't have enough time."


This is nothing more than a cop out, because everybody  has the same 24 hours in the day, same seven days in the week. Your  multi-millionaires, your billionaires or the world, have the same 24 hours in  a day, seven days in a week that you have. They don't have 25, 26, 30 hours  in the day.


Where they excel at, where the average person doesn't,  is that they know how to maximize the time that they have.


They  know how to be time-efficient.


They don't waste their time on trivial things like TV,  web browsing, or hanging around people that aren't going to really push them  to the next level.


Reflect on the three excuses that may be holding you  back from things that hold you back from getting to the goals and the outcomes  that you desire in life.


Until next time, take care and be well!




Dr. Terence Young

a.k.a. The Doctorpreneur


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