Tips to Jumpstart Your Self-Improvement

August 14, 2018


Self-improvement is an important venture to undertake for any person. In order to live a meaningful life with multiple achievements under your belt, you must work on improving your character, knowledge, and status. The hard work you put in to make these improvements materialize is termed as self-improvement.


Self-improvement is not something that can be done overnight. In fact, self-improvement is something that should not be stopped until the day you die. There is a lot that can be learned from life and there are so many things that a person can do to become the best version of themselves. However, do not just take on a big self-improvement project and spend years on it until it is successfully accomplished. What you can do is take on smaller projects mid-way to keep the ball of improvement rolling. Taking on smaller self-improvement projects that can quickly be accomplished will help you develop a sense of achievement and improve your self-worth.


 If you want ideas on what you can do for self-improvement, then have a look at the tips we have listed below:


Read a book:

Develop the habit of reading in yourself to enhance your knowledge and exercise your mind. Reading good books improves a person’s imagination, open’s their mind to new ideas and things, whilst removing prejudices. Thus, if you want to improve both your EQ and IQ then grab a good book and start reading.


Make a list:

Start compiling a list of short-term goals and things you need to get done. Start work on completing all the things on the list to not only help you remember things that you have to do, but also to help you feel a sense of accomplishment.


Start meditating:

The most effective way to relax and to improve your focus is to start meditation on a regular basis. Take some time off from your busy schedule to help yourself reach mental peace through meditation.


Take reflective walks:

Whenever you have a few extra minutes or are overcome with a negative emotion such as anger, despair or helplessness, go out for a walk. The exercise causes your body to release endorphins, which reduce stress and make a person feel happier. Furthermore, walking in the fresh air clears your head, which put things into perspective through reflection. Also, going for a walk when you are angry helps dissipate a person’s anger and stops him/her from doing or saying things he/she might later regret.


Join a group:

Participating in a group activity such as public speaking, the chess club, reading club or any other such venture aids in personal growth and improves a person’s social life.


Aside from these, there are so many tips you can implement, and ideas you can execute, to jumpstart your self-improvement. Just remember to keep moving, learning, and growing!

Until next time!

Terence Young, MD

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