The Secret to Excellence is to Overcome your Fears

October 7, 2018

Fear is a distressing emotion that is aroused by an approaching danger, an evil, or pain in an actual or imagined threat. To say the least, fear is an emotional state that frightens you regardless of whether you should be afraid in the first place. Which means that fear makes you feel frightened even if the situation is not entirely frightening.

Fear is Natural

Fear is technically a survival instinct that prevails in all animals and birds. Animals like horses, cats, dogs and other mammals exhibit fear well. Similarly, birds and other animals have the ability to detect anxiety and threats and take actions to overcome fear. So first, let’s take a look at what happens when you are afraid:

1.      When you are afraid of something, the body responds by increasing the blood flow

2.      Once the blood flow is increased, our muscles work faster allowing us to think and run faster

3.      Adrenal glands pump adrenaline into our blood causing different reactions in our body

4.      Dilated pupils are a classic sign of fear that allows us to see things better

5.      Our reflexes are enhanced

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

You can achieve success and excellence in your personal and professional life when you overcome fear. The best way to fight your fear is to never let it decide what’s best for you. For example, many people in their professional and personal lives lack the confidence to speak in public.


It could be a huge setback because it does not allow them to take the promotion that they wanted because they are fearful of forgetting their lines or maybe mess up the entire presentation. The natural biological reaction to fear holds us back from what we want.


Being afraid will only limit your potential and never allow your talent to shine. Overcome fear by being positive and telling yourself that it’s just a presentation and you are aware of what you are going to speak about.

Embrace Your Fears and Stop Running Away From It

Many people are unable to cope and overcome fear because they don’t realize the fact that it’s possible to have a fear and a successful life. It’s possible to take your fear with you, embrace it and deal with it one step at a time.This way your fear will not haunt you and you won’t need to have the illusion of safety when you run away from a difficult situation.

Dealing with Fears

Instead of running away from your fears, the best way to help overcome fear is to deal with it. There will be a point in your life when you would be forced to face your fears. Hence, it’s better to be prepared for that day in advance. Keeping your fears with you has several advantages. One of the main advantages is you won’t be emotionally drained if you suddenly come across an undesirable situation.


Be prepared for your fears or else apprehension can take you a long way, facing your fears will give you the confidence you need to be successful personally and professionally.


Until next time, be well and stay blessed!

Terence Young, MD

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