Steps To Become the Best Version of Yourself

July 11, 2018

You might have heard the ‘phrase be yourself’, but have you heard ‘be the best version of yourself’. It might sound a bit offbeat but yes every person has different versions of themselves. There’s the down in the dumps version, the confused version, the motivated version and so on. There are certain phases in our life where we are at our best, and sometimes we are at our worst. These phases and versions define our life – our decisions, solutions, growth, and outcome are all dependant on these versions. However, what if we told you that you can be the best version of yourself at all times?


In order to live a happy, successful and satisfied life, a person needs to become the best version of themselves. Here are some things that you can do to achieve this far-fetched dream:

·       Choose Your Circle Wisely

Do not stay in toxic relationships or keep negative people in your circle. Weed out the ones you constantly need to please or those who stop you from growing. Only keep those people around you who give you the freedom to be yourself and to grow. If you find someone who accepts you exactly how you are and fearlessly tells you when you are wrong (without bashing you) then hold on to that person tightly. Similarly, you need to be that person for others so together you can grow and pull each other towards success.


·       Do what makes you happy

Never do anything just because you are told to do so, or because it is the logical thing to do. Follow both your gut and your heart so you do what is right for you. Doing what you love will save you a ton of regrets, unhappiness, and misery.


·       Stop self-deprecating

Do not demean or put yourself down. Know your strengths and believe in them. While it is smart to refrain from being narcissistic, overlooking one's faults or constantly praising oneself, it is best to keep quiet and remember who you are. You are strong, you are talented, you are resilient, and you are smart. Never forget that and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


·       Know what you want

Find your goal and fight tooth and nail to achieve it. Following your dreams and staying inspired makes you optimistic and happy.


·       Limit procrastination

Take the required rest but do not procrastinate. Always keep moving. Do what is required for you to reach your goals both short-term and long-term.


Pay heed; in the quest to become the best version of yourself, do not lose sight of who you really are. Do not become someone you are not just for the sake of becoming successful. Stay true to your nature and polish the good aspects of your personality, and the good things will come to you in time.

Until next time, take care and be well!

Terence Young, MD

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