How to overcome fears with these easy steps

October 16, 2018

Fear is an emotion that limits ourabilities. Fear is no doubt a normal emotion, and it’s natural to be afraidwhen you come face to face with a dangerous or risky situation. Overthinkingfears can make you delusional. It preoccupies our mind, thoughts and hindersthe perception of life. It’s time to fight your fears beforethey become a major problem in your life. In this article, we will highlightsome of the ways to become confident by getting rid of your fears.

Develop Awareness and Confront Fears

Have you thought about what goes on inside thebrain once you decide to give up your fears? When you are aware of the fears, it’seasier to focus on them and try your bestto get better. You have to work on confronting your fears because not doing anything about the fears can prove costlyin the long term if nothing is done to overcome fears. Confronting your fears is one wayto deal with being afraid all the time. Focus on a single issue at one time andthink about why you are afraid then work on it by compartmentalization.Compartmentalization will help you in realizing your fears and taking care ofone fear at a time.

You Cannot Hide Fears

As already discussed, having fearsis not a bad thing but when they become an important part of your personality,it becomes hard to focus on the docile fears. The hidden feelings of beingafraid must be brought out to help you overcome fears. Hiding your fears have an adverseeffect on your physical health and well-being. Without confronting your fears,they will affect sleep cycles, cause eating disorders and several other dailyactivities.

Self-examination or Meditation

Instead of ignoring the existenceof fears, focus on getting better and overcome fears by meditation and self-examination.Ignoring your fears instead of fighting them off will only bring them back infull magnitude. Meditation and breathing exercises will help in getting rid offears. One way to deal with fears is to talk to a friend or a professional.Seeking professional help is essential if the fears are manifested within yourpersonality. Talking about your terrors is a great way to fight your fears.

Sharing Your Feelings of Fear

When trying to deal with fearsalone you will end up being unable to cope with the stress. Instead, share yourfeelings with your close friends and family. This way you will be able to getthe help and support you need to be free from all the things that horrify youand keep pushing you back.

Talking to someone about how youfeel gives a useful insight into gettingto know the opinion and perception from another point of view. Sharing andtalking about your fears will not only help to overcome fears but it will give you a chance toreflect on the different situations where you confront your fears. Think of theworst turnout possible, to help assess the situation.

What fears will you take the first steps today to overcome?

Until next time, be well and stay blessed!

Terence Young, MD

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