How to make your personal development goals and achieve them

June 11, 2018


Personal development is an on-going process whereby an individual unveils potential and improves upon it to upgrade the quality of life and to actualize his/ her dreams and aspirations. One has to make personal development goals and draw up strategies to achieve the desired goals. It is crucial to set realistic and achievable personal development goals in order to successfully accomplish dreams.

Personal Development Goals – The Process

This is a systematic process that must be brainstormed thoroughly before getting down to goal setting.

Step-1: Brainstorm

Brainstorming is key to devising realistic personal development goals. You must contemplate the kind of goals that you need to set in life. This would require you to define passion, purpose, and aspirations in life. For instance, one could aim for improving self-confidence, combating the fear of public speaking or becoming an influential and charismatic leader for his/ her work group. These constitute a few examples that you can think about for personal development goal setting. Brainstorming allows you to jot down an important aspect of life that you intend to correct or improve through this process.

Step-2: Set Goals

This is the main and most important section of the process. Here, you can create personal development goals using the SMART technique. The SMART goal setting technique is used to ensure that all goals that you define for yourself are attainable and realistic in every sense. It allows you to set goals, not illusions or quixotic dreams. SMART dictates that goals must be specific – focusing on a particular aspect of personal development, measurable – achievement of goal must be confirmed in tangible terms, attainable – goal has to realistic, relevant – goal must fit in with the bigger priorities in life, and time-bound – goal achievement must be within a certain time frame (e.g. a month, 6 months or a year).



Step-3: Design Strategies

This section deals with the achievement of personal development goals. Here, you can formulate strategies to help you achieve the set goals. Some of the factors necessary for consideration will be the resources required and their availability. Once, the required resources have been identified for example mentoring, financial support, human capital etc., it’s now time to figure out how these resources can be attained in order to achieve the desired set of goals. Any and all potential obstacles in the achievement of goals may also be identified during this step. The resulting strategies will focus on acquiring the resources and fighting any and all obstacles, to ensure a seamless execution.  

Step-4: Review

In this section of the process, it is advisable to go through each goal that you desire to achieve and break these down into smaller, achievable items, in order to start from day 1. Review these goals and prioritize each goal in your daily checklist, because procrastination is a bad idea.



Step-5: Evaluate

In this section, you are required to evaluate progress in your personal development goals. During this time, you can review whether you are on the track of achieving your goals and if so, take some time to appreciate the effort. This works as a motivation for the achievement of other desired goals in the process. In case of negative progress, it is time to renew your strategy and exercise patience as well as persistence. Remember that ‘all good things take time”.

Start going these 5 steps and you will be on your way towards getting the goals and outcomes that you desire!

Until next time!

Terence Young, MD

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