How to evaluate your personal development goals

June 11, 2018

How to evaluate your personal development goals?


Evaluation of the personal development goals is mandatory to ensure that each one of the desired goals is on track and there are no limitations, either internal or external obstructing the way to successful achievement. This evaluation must be a continuous process in order to ensure that any and all hindrances and limitations may be catered for well within time and goals be revised if need be, prior to allocating resources on it. Since goal setting and achieving requires allocation of resources in terms of time, cost and effort, identifying whether a goal is a realistic and attainable one or not in the initial phases can help secure these resources. This is another reason why continuous evaluation is inevitable.



The following checklist may be referred to in order to successfully review and evaluate personal development goals:

-          First and foremost, you must set aside sufficient time from your busy schedule on a weekly basis to review the status of the particular goal(s). In case you have ample time on hand, it would be brilliant if you could review and evaluate progress on your goal(s) on a daily basis. While reviewing, make sure that you are not rushing through it as it will only result in you missing out on the less conspicuous obstacles. A reflection on each goal is necessary while evaluating progress on the personal development goals.

-          For each desired goal, ensure that the planned action has been taken and the devised strategy is an effective one. An ineffective and inconsistent strategy may not be aligned with the goal and thus may have to be renewed or revised, if necessary.

-          Thirdly, it is crucial that you assess whether each goal has met the time-frame attached to it while setting the particular goal. If the assigned time frame has surpassed, either the correct time duration had not been allocated or progress onto this specific goal is slow. For both cases, a revision becomes necessary. Moreover, this indicates a lack of efficiency on part of the goal-setter, who seems to be lacking commitment to achieving the goal(s).




-          For evaluation purposes, it is also recommended that you verify whether the pre-set milestones have been achieved or not. If yes, you are good to go! If not, you really need to revamp your energy and dedicate efforts to achieving these remaining milestones on priority.

-          Another method you could opt for evaluation process is to mark your calendar for monitoring progress on each of the desired goals. This way, you can ensure a continuous review and evaluation process. Reminders may as well be set in place so that you keep a track of days when a review becomes necessary.

-          Lastly, a monthly review report may be drawn up where one can identify personal changes that have resulted while on track to achieve a certain goal; notes on what changes you missed out on and why, and short goals may be set for the following month. This review is yet another method for evaluating your personal development goals.

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