How motivational speaking can transform the lives of others

July 2, 2018

Motivational speaking is aimed toward encaptivating the audience with an inspirational message that helps in transforming lives or their take on life, in general. Other objectives of this type of speaking have to do with motivating, inspiring, challenging mindsets, challenging status quo and instilling self-evaluation among individuals with the hope to imbue positive behavior. However, a motivational speaker can only influence people on a certain matter, he/ she cannot change their lives completely. Motivational speaking is the catalyst that may indoctrinate a movement or desire for change. This influence may then lead to transformation, provided that individuals make a conscious effort to achieve it. Following is a list of ways motivational speaking can help with such a transformation.


Envision life from a different perspective

Motivational speaking can assist one with looking at life or life’s many dilemmas from a different perspective. This change in perspective allows one to look at things differently than he/ she had been viewing initially. Moreover, with an alternate perspective, a lot of the challenges may seem like potential opportunities when handled using a discordant approach. Sticking to one’s singular perspective may only provide a confined set of possible solutions for the issue at hand. A pluralistic approach helps to unveil the various options available.

Instill new ideas and strategies

Sometimes, all we need in life is a push or some sort of a trigger to think out of the box. Stagnant thinking can stunt the flow of ideas in one’s mind. It is hence important to think beyond one’s comfort zone to be able to experience things differently. Motivational speaking allows one to abandon orthodox thinking by instilling new ideas in their heads. These ideas help individuals with devising strategies to initiate the much-needed change. 



Provide energy

In addition to instilling ideas, motivational speaking revamps energy levels and boosts morale among individuals. This is exactly why motivational speaking is synonymous with a catalyst that drives change. Motivational speakers tend to present their subject matter in creative ways in order to engage the audience and to manipulate them into thinking about their present circumstances and why they need transformation. Through the use of a believable and assertive tone of delivery and illustration of past experiences, motivational speakers can boost the overall energy of the crowd that succumbs to believing that change is necessary.


Similar to energizing people, motivational speaking tends to inspire the lot. This inspiration is infused in individuals by guiding them about finding the purpose and meaning of their lives. Motivational speakers inspire using a selective choice of words and examples based on personal experiences. These experiences are sometimes their success stories; ways that inspired them to achieve what they have right now. Individuals are then prompted to seek validation from experts such as these motivational speakers in order to transform their lives for the better. Inspiration turns people toward taking relevant action in order to resolve the crisis or bring about the much-needed change.

So start the process today of getting a motivational speaker in your life. It's as simple as searching "motivational" videos on YouTube or learning the language to start motivating yourself.

Until next time, take care and be well!

Terence Young, MD

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