How successful coaching help you overcome your obstacles

February 7, 2018

How does life coaching help you overcome your obstacles?

In times of distress, it is normal to seek help – help from people that can guide you through this irksome phase of your life. Although self-coaching is one way out of distress, at times your ‘limiting beliefs’ or ‘self-talk’ could become a barricade in overcoming obstacles. These limiting beliefs question one’s abilities, enticing insecurities and lowering one’s confidence. It is, therefore, essential to seek life coaching in order to rid oneself of these limiting beliefs and fight all insecurities. Life coaching from an expert assists in the following ways.



The obstacles that you might face can either be due to external or internal sources. External sources may be money, time or relationships. Internal sources may be one’s fears and insecurities – limiting beliefs. Life coaching will help with defining these sources and clarifying what goals must be set in order to achieve what one ought and ought not to do under such circumstances. Setting up a clear goal will help you work towards achieving it. Clarity is essential to identify the exact source of distress or obstacles, prior to seeking a way out of it.  


Life coaching will also help you with bridging the gap between your present situation in life and the futuristic position that you wish to achieve. This may be done through visualization; you may be asked by your life coach to see yourself in that particular position in your head. Imagining oneself in a position he/ she aspires to be in, is the first positive step toward the solution.


Life coaching will help you overcome the obstacles through a series of strategies and techniques. You may be asked challenging questions, whereby responses may have to be well-thought out and structured in such a way that it allows you to explore yourself by digging deeper. You can hence, contemplate and choose the right path to take in life.



Here, you will be able to explore all the limiting beliefs that are causing insecurities and are lowering your self-confidence. Once these have been discovered, life coaching will enable you to put the selected strategies into an action plan in order to overcome these obstacles in your life.


This is that phase of your life coaching where your expert (life coach) will assist you in discovering the various possible options to find a way out of this obstacle. From a set of possible options, you will be asked to choose the one that allows for optimal results. This may be decided upon after a meticulous scrutiny of the pros and cons of each available option.

Dedicated Support

Life coaching will ensure that you receive dedicated time and support from an expert in the field. This type of support is necessary to give you that push or the pat on the back where you know that you are doing well. Your life coach is there to keep you motivated on the right path and he/ she is someone you can trust to fall back on, in case of any and all supplementary assistance.

So you can see after reading the article that there are many benefits that one gets from having a dedicated coach!

When you feel that this is the next step for you, reach out and let's connect by emailing me at and we will see if our coaching is a fit for you!

Until next time!

Terence Young, MD

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