How do you motivate yourself when you feel like quitting?

December 25, 2018

Today, I'm going to talk about how do you motivate yourself when you feel like quitting? I've been asked this question by a lot of people. "Terence, what do you do when you feel like quitting?" Well, that is a two-part answer.  

The short answer is I just push through it. Simple like that.

There are going to be times when I don't feel like working my business. There are going to be times when I don't feel like exercising. There may be times that I don't feel like socially interacting. That's life. Sometimes, you're going to do things when it's not convenient for you and you just push through.  

The long answer is three-part.  

There are three pieces that I think about when I feel like quitting.

The first one is having a powerful why.  

I have a question that I ask myself. Why do I want to be an entrepreneur? That is so deep that I have built on so many levels that quitting essentially for me is just unforgivable. You need to have a why that is just so powerful that it continues to drive you. For me personally, my why is just so driven that if I quit, not only am I going to quit on myself but I'm going to quit on my family. I'm going to quit on the people that I have supporting me. I'm going to quit on the people that I give support to. I'm going to quit potentially on the millions of people that I'm looking to influence over the years. I put myself in a stage where just quitting is almost like an act of selfishness for me.  

The second thing that helps keep me from quitting is just having a respect for time.

Time is just one of those non-renewable resources that you just can't get back. Especially for the entrepreneur, you need to guard your time as the most valuable asset that you have. Take for example that you're doing a task and you quit on doing the task. You can lose time in so many ways. One, you're going to lose time from initially quitting the task.  

What did you replace that time that you did the task with? Did you move your life forward into something that was meaningful? Did you just watch TV, get on social media? Did you do something else that just wasn't beneficial for you? The thing that most people don't realize is that when you quit on a task, you're losing things on the back-end. Not only do you have to make that task up potentially in the future, now you're adding more time to your future schedule to make up that task that you missed. You may not realize what other things you have possibly lost out on. For example, if you had a task that was due by a certain amount of time and you didn't complete it, you may have lost out on an opportunity that depended on that time, that task being completed in a timely fashion. Now, you have even a bigger opportunity potentially in the future that was wasted. Guard your time with your life. Make sure that you complete your task in a timely manner.  

Third, what self-talk do I have and does it serve me in the long run?

What are you feeding your subconscious when you quit on things? Are you telling your subconscious that you're the type of person that just quits on the task that just is not reliable? Whatever you act on externally is what you're going to create for your mindset internally. Even more importantly, the people that you're supporting, the people that are looking up to you, you want to have an image that you are that reliable person, that timely person.

How do you motivate yourself when you are running low and the motivation fades?

Let me know with the comments below!

Until next time!


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