Are you living the BAD life?

March 5, 2019


 I have simple question for you today. Are you living that “BAD” life?

Now, instead of thinking in the negative, pay attention and hang with me for a few.  Yes, the word may have a negative connotation however it caught your attention so let's break down what I mean by the “BAD” life.

I like to use this process whenever I hit a stumbling block on my path towards what I desire. Whenever I stray or lose my motivation, I ask myself three simple questions.  Small, yet so powerful, they get me back on track every time and my desire is to do the same for you!

The “B” is your BELIEF

What do you believe about yourself?

As you are going through the challenge that you are facing, what is the internal conversation that you have with yourself?  

Are the beliefs that you have about yourself positive, or are the beliefs that you have about yourself negative?  

If they are positive, then appreciate that you may have a setback but you are in the right frame of mind to keep moving forward.  

However, if they are negative, further explore them.  

Are you experiencing frustration or anger?  Feeling overwhelmed.  

Personally, when I have thoughts like this, I reflect upon the fact that each “setback” is an opportunity to learn.  So, in my mind, I am never setback.  

I just didn’t take as big a step forward as I desired.  

The little step is a lesson, teaching me one more way that my actions are not optimal and learning to discover which ones will serve me even more.

Once you have that belief in yourself, focusing on the positive, then you ask yourself the next question.

The “A” is your ATTITUDE

Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

Do you have an attitude that you're grateful for the things that you have in life right now because if you don’t, how will you have the proper mindset to have even more?  I'm a big believer in the Law of Attraction.

What I have discovered in myself, and those that I mentor,is that life falls into place and I get the things that I desire when I appreciate what I have.  Why is that?  Because when I approach life from a space of being grateful, I create the mindset that all have today is wonderful and appreciated, minimizing my stress and having a clearer mindset for achieving what I desire in the future.

Call it good fortune, luck, timing, it doesn’t matter.  It all is a reflection of seeing a solution or an opportunity present itself because you create the atmosphere of being fulfilled now.


The “D” is your DESIRE

Do you have to have an overwhelming desire, an overwhelming passion, to do the things that you want to do?

Without that overwhelming desire, you're going to be very challenged to achieve the goals and outcomes that you desire.

Yes, even though a broken clock is correct twice a day, it’s unlikely that you will achieve your desires if you don’t put passion and passion behind it.  Passion is the final component in this trifecta of getting the best out of you.  Having your actions fueled with a strong desire for success moves you forward.

You may not see the path that you should travel clearly.

You may not even see the path at all and wonder where you will even start.

However, fuel it with a strong desire and you will discover, more often than not, that opportunities and answers arise.  Not because they magically appeared.  It’s because you are looking and feeling the situation in stronger, more emotional way.

Answers that may have been there the whole time are now visible because your desire to succeed will provide you with more clarity.

Becoming a BAD person is like taking a cross country journey.  Think of your car as the belief, the vehicle that is needed to get you started and will help you get there faster.  Your attitude is like the GPS in your car.  You could drive endlessly in circles and get frustrated because you are not getting to your destination as quickly as you desire. However, when you appreciate the journey, that you have the vehicle to make that journey a reality, your gratitude will guide you even faster.  Finally, nothing works without desire.  Like a brand new sports car, it’s pretty useless and just a pretty thing to look at if there isn’t any gas in the tank.  Your desire is the high octane fuel that accelerates your progress and success.

Believe that you are capable of so much more than you realize.  

Take that attitude of gratitude.

Appreciate what you have now.  

Have an overwhelming desire of becoming more.

Buckle up and enjoy your journey towards success!

Until next time, be well!

Terence Young, M.D.

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