A Motivational Bucket list To Change Your Life

August 14, 2018


An unconventional way to kick-start your journey of personal development is through the creation and execution of a motivational bucket list. A motivational bucket list has the perfect mix between a conventional bucket list with your short-term and long-term goals – it will house your dreams, wishes, wants, needs and aspirations, listed alongside the fears and challenges you have to overcome, skills you want to develop, and aspects of your personality you want to work on. Let us have a look at a few things that should be added to the ideal motivational bucket list that has a personal development twist.


1.    Conventional fears

·        Go skydiving, cliff diving or bungee jumping (if you are scared of heights)

·        Go snorkeling, deep sea diving, or swim in the ocean (if you are scared of swimming, sharks or the deep sea)

·        Visit the top of the world’s tallest building or climb the world’s highest mountain (if you are scared of heights)


2.    Your personal fears

·        Do karaoke, take part in a play, or take part in a public debate (if you are scared of large crowds)

·        Confronting someone who bullied or abused you, but in a controlled or safe environment

·        Having a conversation with 10 strangers in one night (if you are scared of socializing or meeting new people)

·        Going on a trip alone (if you fear ending up alone and lonely)

·        Getting a makeover or reaching an ideal weight or doing a modeling assignment (if you are insecure about your looks, although it would be best if you accept yourself the way you are)

·        Traveling to new places and trying out new things (if you are scared of change and uncertainty)

·        Getting back in touch with an old friend you parted ways with years ago (if you are scared of rejection and being forgotten)


3.    Growth

·        Learning a new language

·        Practicing a new skill

·        Taking up a productive hobby or monetizing your hobby

·        Working towards a particular job or position

·        Making a difference in someone’s life


These three main aspects are what should define the core of your motivational bucket list that will aid in personal development. The bucket list that you create should help you on your journey towards personal improvement, so you can lead a happier life.


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